Wayuu Bright Blue Orange Green Small Diamond


Wayuu Bright Blue Orange Green Small Diamond

In addition to our own bags we are pleased to offer Wayuu bags. These beautiful bags are 100% handmade by women and families of the Wayuu tribe, an indigenous American ethnic group of the Gaujira Peninsula in Colombia and Venezuela. The weaving of Wayuu bags is both an integral part of the Wayuu culture and a means of financial support allowing them to preserve their way of life. It is said the Wayuu learned to weave thanks to a mythical spider called Walekeru. Wayuu women work full days while weaving their Wayuu bags and can take up to a full month to complete one single bag. The bags we offer have been hand selected from the hands of the local artisans. The elaborate patterns and color combinations make them each one of a kind.


  • Made in La Guajira Desert in Colombia by the Indigenous Wayuu People
  • Handmade Bucket Bag
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Drawstring Closure with Tassels

Approx. 10” Height & 9” Diameter (Fits 1 Gallon Can of Paint Easily)
Approx. 20“ Strap Drop
Approx. .6 lbs.

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