At ORSYN we believe Every Day is a Travel Day. Inspired by travel near and far. Inspired by you. The way you carry your bag, pack your bag, unpack your bag and where you go with your bag.

ORSYN was established in 2019, in San Diego California, USA by wife and husband Lona and Matt. Our desire was to create a quality bag that was timeless and made in the USA, using quality materials and minimal design. We wanted to create bags to stimulate one’s adventurous side so they could travel in style. We have enjoyed being in the fashion business for over 15 years. While Lona designs the collections with passion and sources materials Matt looks after the business side. We are inspired by each other, travel, independence, and the joy our daughter brings to us.


Handmade with great attention to detail in a small batch factory in the USA. Leathers are sourced from high quality tanneries in the USA, and Austria. The hardware made from solid brass, is strong and durable. We use Riri Zippers made in Switzerland and Italy, arguably the highest quality zipper available. Bags are unlined, giving a modern clean feel, showing off the suede side of the leather and craftsmanship. For us quality and function is equally important as beauty. The combination of these elements is what makes an ORSYN bag timeless.

Brand Morals

We are committed to sourcing raw materials responsibly. We strive to minimize waste. For example all of the leather we use is a by-product of food production and a natural alternative to fossil fuel synthetics. Therefore the leather utilized to create ORSYN bags does not use additional land and resources. If unused, the leather would become waste and pose environmental threats. The leather we use meets high ethical standards, with most coming from within the EU. We understand the desire for vegan leather or a vegan option. However what we have found available are plastic-based and made of synthetic fibers such as PVC or Polyurethane, which is not environment-friendly. However we do hope to offer an option such as canvas in the near future. We believe in fair wages, which is one of the reasons ORSYN bags are Made in the USA.